Air Duct Chimney And Dryer Vent Cleaning - Bait and Switch

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I called up the company Air Duct Chimney and Dryer Vent Cleaning and asked for the $29.99 special and the dryer vent cleaning (see attached web page for the actual coupon." They guys I used to use, An Expert Chimney Man wanted 159 for the same job, so I had a feeling I was going to pay more, but I wanted to see what they would try with the coupon in front of them.

I told the lady: I want you to note 2 things on the call.

1) The guy has to be told that maps of Avon Village, more specifically Avon Drive do not accurately reflect that there are East and West Avon.

2) I need someone familiar with Avon Village Condos because there are hose issues.

Oh we got a guy from your area, no problem.

On Thursday night, the lady called and told my answering machine (I was outside at 5:53 filling my tires having gotten an alert that the tire pressure was low, and I waited hoping to see the van then go inside) that he was going to call me and leave a message. No message on the box from him. She called 5:45

I called her back at 6:01 and she said she would have him call me back. I said they picked the right person to be late too, I had all evening and nothing to accomplish.

31 minutes later I called them back, and told her if he was at the next site no problem, I got all evening. She said he would call back right away. I went to the john and missed the call. I called him back, he said he was in Avon and the GPS said there is no Avon Drive East.

I said, I has asked for someone familiar with the area. He said he was, but the GPS mislead him. So he tries to pull out...guess what, Probasco Road is still blocked on the left turn. He ends up on 133 headed towards Princeton. The guy made some impossible time (much like Lauren's claim she works 20 minutes from her office despite having a 26 mile drive.)

20 minutes later he calls me, he's at Blg U and V, can't find me. I said drive to the garbage containers and park, I'll be right down. I get down, he's still in front of U and V. I motioned to come down. He lead footed it down to me (which makes me wonder whether you want to hire him, just for his driving safety. He parks the car diagonally at the end of the lot. He gets out, introduces himself. I tell him, you realize you can't park there right?

He say's how far to the condo?


He grumbles.

I said "hey, I asked for someone who's been here before."

He said 'I've been to Avon before, just not your building."

I said you can't run the hose to the condo from here without some extensions.

He said "lets go have a look"

As we are walking around Blg Z he said, "I could pull up on the grass, I've done that before".

I said "I'm responsible for your actions while you are an invitee on these premises."

He gets upstairs.

He looks at the place.

I called Jose Hernandez... the building ask if this guy could pull up on the grass. I left a message telling him what this guy wanted to do and I needed to hear back immediately.

He said "I have to lug a 60 lb compressor up here and 60 lb" somthingorother.

I said I can lift 30, let's go.

He said "show me the coupon."

I showed him the new coupon which said $27

He said, well I'm not doing this for $30

I said, $27.

He said well your dryer vent is 16 feet, not 8. I said, show me the fine print on the coupon.

I said "Yah youare." Show me the disclaimer

I picked up the phone.

He asked "who you calling."

I said "I'm going to tell your company you aren't taking the much do you want."

Ring.... Ring....

He said, she can't help you.

I said how much do you want?

Ring... Ring.

He said, you're dealing with me.

I said, are you the company and her the referral?

Helloooooo....on the other end of the phone.

He said yes.

I said to the phone, sorry I bothered you, this guy isn't taking the coupon which he said you can't help with.

I said how much.

He pulls out the calculator. I see 27.99...70...149.

I said "beat it"

He said what?

I said "Hit the road, there was a guy who would do it for $65, and the dryer vent cleaning in your ad is $34. You don't charge someone more than double the after coupon value when you're screwing em. Go home."

Now. Post op. The coupon does say "reg length" under the dryer and really I would have given 75, maybe 100 for the job because I did my research...but don't mess with me.

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